Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mom, I've been published!

This is so cool. Walt Stanchfield was the best, most inspiring life drawing teacher I ever had. He had been at Disney forever and was already a legend by the time I met him. He knew how to criticize your work without making you feel like you're a crappy artist and should never pick up a pencil again. His goal was to make your drawings feel alive, like real living characters instead of dead anatomy lessons. It makes sense since he was so full of life and joy himself.

One of the things that Walt did each week was to give us handouts with tips, examples, quotes, etc., to help inspire us. He would often include students' drawings as examples and this is one of mine that made it. Pretty exciting, huh? His handouts have just been collected and published in two volumes called Drawn To Life, and I would highly recommend these books to anyone who wants to learn or improve their drawing skills. These books are a goldmine of information and inspiration!

p.s. My drawings are on page 277 of volume 1!